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Pre-Authorized Giving Plan


The Archdiocese of Toronto has established a Pre-Authorized Giving Plan to assist you in your support of the work of St. Norbertís Parish through your regular parish offerings (this does not include special collections).

The work of our parish is made possible through the giving hearts of our parishioners. In response to changing lifestyles and demands on time and energy, the Archdiocese of Toronto seeks, through Pre-Authorized giving, to assist you in your giving.


The Development Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto administers the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan for the parish. Please note that St. Norbert's parish office will issue tax receipts for all gifts.


Advantages for the donor:

  • Convenience. Your offering is received automatically every month.
  • Continual support of your parish when you are away.

    Advantages for the Parish:

  • Allows the parish to plan better through regular and dependable flow of contributions.


    This is how you make your gift through the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan:

  • Decide the amount of your gift to St. Norbert's Parish to be withdrawn from your account each month.
  • Fill out the form in this brochure and attach a cheque from your account marked "void". You can also print the authorization form by clicking here.
  • Put the form and void cheque in a sealed envelope, and place it in the collection basket OR mail to the Parish Office.
  • Those that already have offertory envelopes and wish to join the Pre-Authorized Giving program can simply put 'P.A.G.' (Pre-Authorized Giving) on the back of the envelope.

    PAG Monthly Giving Guide
    Weekly AmountMonthly Amount
    $ 5$22
    Based on 52 weeks divided by 12 months
    How to Determine Your Monthly Contribution

    For example, if you usually contribute $20.00/week, to maintain the same level of giving, you would donate $87.00 per month, at $30.00/week it would be $130.00 per month, and at $10.00/week, it's $43.00 per month.

    The odd amounts are because there are not exactly four weeks in each month, so it is necessary to multiply your weekly amount by 4.33 to arrive at your usual monthly offering.


    We are implementing this Pre-Authorization Giving Plan at the request of several of our Parishioners who use it elsewhere and find it meets their needs and lifestyle. This plan is not for everyone, but we want to make it available to those who would use it.

    We respect that giving is a very personal decision, but hope that the convenience and efficiency it brings will encourage the parishioners of St. Norbertís Parish to support it. We look forward to your participation, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office.

    Cancellation of P.A.G Agreement

    You may stop PAG at any time by simply writing a letter with 30 days notice to St. Norbert's Parish. If you would prefer to use a standardized cancellation form instead of writing a letter and your parish does not have one on hand (or for more information on your right to cancel your PAG agreement) please contact your financial institution or visit www.cdnpay.ca.

    If a withdrawal is not consistent with this PAG agreement, you have the right to receive reimbursement. For more information on all your recourse rights, please contact your financial institution or visit www.cdnpay.ca.


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